“From the moment I began seeing the doctors at Perinatal Associates, they eased all my worries and I never wavered in my confidence for them.”

“I thank God for Dr. McFarland’s calm yet reassuring demeanor that helped me get through 90 days of scary bedrest.”

“Dr. McFarland made a difficult pregnancy easier to accept and deal with due to her honesty and compassion. It was so difficult to hear each time, but it was so necessary to hear it.”

“I want to say thank you again for Dr. Parker’s kind and sincere care during my four months with her.”

“Perinatal Associates provided me with such attentive care and assistance throughout my pregnancy. They reassured us with each visit and took into account our history. We are grateful to have had their practice be a part of the process.”

“Dr. Parker’s knowledge and reassuring words were always a comfort during the trying times of our surrogacy journey.”

“To the whole staff… the knowledge and care each of you showed has made the birth of our daughter possible and have made you all a big part of our extended family!”

“From the MaterniT21 results phone call to the great amnio results, Dr. Parker has provided me with honesty and compassion through a crazy difficult ride.”

“Dr. McFarland, thank you for your care during my difficult pregnancy. Because of you, my baby girl is healthy and doing great. I truly appreciate your wonderful bedside manner– you are a great doctor!”

“Thank you so much for watching us closely. We had a healthy baby boy at 37 weeks. After having our 24-weeker, it was a welcome surprise to make it this far. Our daughter will be 3 in August and she just loves her new brother.”

“Thank you for giving me the hope every week to go on and believe that my dream of being a mom would come true.”

“As I look into my boys’ eyes, I can’t help but be amazed. I’m really not sure the world would be blessed with their sweet souls had it not been for you.”